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YARD is an artisan chocolatier based in London, UK. We ethically source the highest quality cocoa nibs, directly from Portland, Jamaica and are continuously inspired by flavours from the Caribbean. Here at Yard we hand make every piece of chocolate and are keen to push the boundaries of what confectionery can be. By keeping our recipes simple, we are able to highlight the complex flavour compounds within our cocoa and preserve the traditional Jamaican approach to chocolate making.



YARD was created in 2018 by Ashley and Rachel, two friends from South London. At the time, Ashley was working as a Head Baker and Rachel, as a Calligrapher. They joined forces after months of planning and researching to start up this exciting new partnership.

Ashley was raised in a Jamaican household and is very enthusiastic about experimenting with the flavours that she grew up around. Each piece of chocolate has been handmade by Ashley, and every illustration and personalised bar has been hand designed or handwritten by Rachel.


Yard Confectionery is more than just a chocolate brand, it is a true celebration of hand made artistry.​

As a small business, we believe in the power of supporting other small businesses. We work directly with a Jamaican cocoa seller who roasts and winnows cocoa beans by hand in a small facility in St Catherine, Jamaica. 

So if you're looking for a chocolate brand with originality and ethics at it's core, come to di YARD!

“We pride ourselves in handmaking all of our chocolate and giving our customers something that is completely unique" 

Ashley & Rachel

- YARD Co-founders -


YARD Coconut Chocolate bars come in two delicious flavours; Coconut White and Coconut Milk.

Our Coconut bars are made with coconut milk, making them popular among our vegan customers. Each bar is reminiscent of Jamaican confectionery, subtle yet memorable notes of fresh coconuts with each bite. These bars can serve as a form self care, a gift to another or a treat to share with a loved one! 


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