YARD was created by Ashley and Rachel, two friends from South London. At the time, Ashley was working as a Head Baker and Rachel, as a Calligrapher. They joined forces after months of planning and researching to start up this exciting new partnership.

Ashley was raised in a Jamaican household and is very enthusiastic about experimenting with the flavours that she grew up around. Each piece of chocolate has been handmade by Ashley, and every chocolate label or design has been hand drawn by Rachel.


Yard Confectionery is more than just a chocolate brand, it is a true celebration of hand made artistry.​

As a small business, we believe in the power of supporting other small businesses. We work directly with a Jamaican cocoa seller who roasts and winnows our Portland beans by hand in a small facility in St Catherine, Jamaica. 


So if you're looking for a chocolate brand with originality and ethics at it's core, come shop ah YARD!